By Light Unseen
Vampire Folklore: Academic and Scientific Articles
Classic Works on Vampire Folklore
by Joseph Pitton de Tournefort (1701)
by Collin de Plancey. (in French) (1820)
Vampyrism from Truths Contained in Popular Superstitions
by Herbert Mayo (excerpt) (1851)
Vampyres, from Household Words-a Weekly Journal
conducted by Charles Dickens (1855)
from Stray Leaves of Science and Folklore, by J. Scoffern (excerpt) (1870)
Bulgarian Vampires, from Twelve Years Study of the Eastern Question in Bulgaria
by S. G. B. St. Clair and Charles A. Brophy (excerpt) (1877)
M.R. Paton, Folklore (excerpt) (1894)
G.R. Stetson, The American Anthropologist (1896)
Modern Studies on Vampire Folklore
D. Demetracopoulou Lee, Journal of American Folklore (1941)
Paul S. Sledzik and Nicholas Bellantoni, American Journal of Physical Anthropology (1994)
May the Ground Not Receive Thee: An Exploration of the Greek Vrykolakas and His Origins (1998)
by Inanna Arthen
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