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Fun With Search Engines…

For a multiplicity of reasons, I’ve been running a lot of tests on search engine results. Last night, just out of curiosity to see what actually got the best Google rankings (at least at that moment in time), I did … Continue reading

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"Angel"–the story continues:

On the heels of the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” comics (or graphic novel) series, Joss Whedon is producing a comics series picking up the plotline of “Angel” after the television series finale’s cliffhanger ending. I’m tempted to say something … Continue reading

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"Paper Sang" posting on YouTube

I discovered via the VCMB messageboard that a person going by the name of LilyCerise is posting a series of short, very simple videos (they’re sort of like animated Power Point presentations really–the author does not appear in them) about … Continue reading

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Blood drinker achieves international fame!

International newswires have been carrying this item: “Vampire” arrested for stealing and drinking blood at hospital I wonder if this fellow even knew what he was drinking, or if he was so drunk, he thought they were shooters of something? … Continue reading

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