Mortal Touch, the first novel from By Light Unseen Media, has just “hit the street” as they say in the biz–well, it’s hit my kitchen floor, anyway, five boxes full, many of which are now going out for reviews, complimentary copies, copyright registration, the Library of Congress, award competitions and what have you. But we have two positive mentions online to announce right now.

The Self Pub News blog and online newsletter has just posted an announcement for Mortal Touch. You can view it at

Author and vampire scholar Margaret L. Carter, who kindly gave me a cover blurb for Mortal Touch, posted a very favorable review in the May issue of her online newsletter, “News from the Crypt.” Click the link and scroll down a little to read the review. You can subscribe to this e-newsletter via Ms. Carter’s website or read it online. Thank you, Margaret!

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