"Paper Sang" posting on YouTube

I discovered via the VCMB messageboard that a person going by the name of LilyCerise is posting a series of short, very simple videos (they’re sort of like animated Power Point presentations really–the author does not appear in them) about “True Vampirism” on YouTube, at http://www.youtube.com/LilyCeriseShe also has a “True Vampirism” Wiki page at http://truevampires.wetpaint.com/?t=anon. Being a “Wetpaint Wiki,” anyone who registers with Wetpaint can contribute to the page.

I am kind of curious as to who LilyCerise actually is–links on the Wiki page so far include Sanguinarius.org, the House Kheperu site and Darkness Embraced. The information that LilyCerise gives in her videos is consistent with that on dozens of realvamp websites, and except for her promotion of the “psi-feeding” or “energy feeding” illusion, I see no problems with it. Some people on the VCMB seem to be concerned about LilyCerise “acting as a spokesperson” which I don’t think she’s doing any more than anyone else on the ‘Net. After all, if it wasn’t for the people like Sangi, Sphynxcat, M&D, Saras, LadyCG and me who have been maintaining websites and forums, even publishing books, for all these years, none of those folks on the VCMB would even be there.

I’m darned if I know what the nickname “Paper Sang” refers to, though!

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