The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

The website Shock Till You Drop has an interview with Hans Rodionoff, the screenwriter for Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, currently in post-production. Twenty years after Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys redefined the cinematic vampire and launched the “punk vampire gang” motif, a sequel has finally been made. Warner Brothers has not yet decided whether the movie will get a theatrical release or go straight to DVD.

Shock Till You Drop reports, “Tad Hilgenbrink and Autumn Reeser star as Chris and Nicole, respectively, son and daughter of Michael and Star (Jason Patric and Jamie Gertz’s characters from the first film). With their parents gone, they relocate to Luna Bay where Nicole unknowingly takes a vampire for her boyfriend. Chris then turns to the authority on bloodsucker beatdowns Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman reprising his role) for help.

“Leader of the new vamp pack is actor Angus Sutherland, real-life brother of Kiefer, here playing Shane who travels the world with his fanged chums. Yes, they’re surfing vampires. But Rodionoff is quick to dismiss that these are not the stereotypical “bro” and “dude”-dropping wave riders we’ve seen in cinema countless times. Roving gypsies is more like it. Traveling the world and pissed off that they’ve been deprived of sunlight.”

The film’s story does pick up from the original, with cameos by minor actors as well as character continuity. Attractive 53-year-old Canadian actress Gabrielle Rose appears as “eccentric Aunt Jillian,” who takes in Chris and Nicole after their parents are killed in a car accident. The vampire “gang” in this movie are surfers, but we’re assured by Mr. Rodionoff that not much surfing is done on film. The movie is scheduled to be released in summer, 2008.

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