I guess pigs are flying!

In this post on March 10, I reported on a snide remark made against “vampire chat rooms” in the “Annie’s Mailbox” advice column. I sent the columnists an e-mail, and so did a number of people I know, although many of them are vampire fans, not vampiric people or connected to the OVC.

The columnists must have gotten a lot of well-written, dignified letters–they wouldn’t have paid attention to those that sounded like nut jobs–because, to my astonishment, they have printed an apology.

I have to give them credit for that, even if one of the letters still makes a snide remark about the OVC, and even though the columnists can’t resist an idiotic crack about “garlic necklaces.” (They obviously haven’t read Something in the Blood and don’t realize that real vampires love garlic!) At least the column backs off from the whole, “woooooo, the Internet is so dangerous!” bullshit.

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