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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
~ Arthur Schopenhauer ~
True Vampires

True Vampires are people who appear to be living, organic, human beings, but whose essential nature is so different from that of ordinary humans that they are, on the most fundamental level, non-human. True Vampires are born into human families and utilize human (or humanoid) bodies, but their non-material "bodies" or energy-forms are of a distinctly different type. This has some effect on the physical body, both before birth and during life. Their "energy bodies" or astral forms sometimes have non-human features (such as wings) that are perceived by psychically sensitive people who have no idea that the True Vampire is not just another human. Sometimes these features are misinterpreted as "attached entities" or looming ominous shadows, but they're perfectly natural to the True Vampire's astral self.

True Vampires are born this way, they cannot change, and the powerful nature of their vampiric aspect will come out whether they ever acknowledge it consciously or not. In actuality, very few True Vampires remain wholly unconscious of their inner natures because the reality is simply too overwhelming to ignore. If a True Vampire manages to stay in denial, he or she will tend to have a rather chaotic and emotionally turgid life. But conscious True Vampires may find themselves feeling lonely and isolated by the secret awareness of how different they are and by the fact that very few humans, including other vampiric people, will believe in them.

True Vampires have in common with human Energy Mediums a native ability to manipulate, channel, transform and influence life force, or pranic energy, as well as other types of energy to a lesser degree. They can use their abilities for many different purposes: healing, neutral or harmful. But until they take conscious control, they will simply walk through life like "energy storms," knocking other people off balance, and creating unpredictable and sometimes upsetting effects.

They are drawn to any source of life force, both material, such as blood, and non-material, such as highly energized people, lush environments, and children. They will seek out sex chiefly because it facilitates a free energy exchange between partners who have softened their normal boundaries. They will continuously baffle and sometimes alarm the people they come into contact with. With self-awareness and training, True Vampires can become powerful magicians or Witches, and are more comfortable in such roles than Energy Mediums, who tend to make better healers and shamans than True Vampires do.

Along with the energy-working, psychic and empathic abilities they share with Energy Mediums, True Vampires have a pronounced craving for blood. They have the unique ability to directly utilize the pranic energy content of blood for self-empowerment, self-transformation, magickal work, and material transfiguration of external targets. Unlike Sanguinarians, True Vampires do not experience ill effects when they don't get blood. They are aware, however, that they're functioning at base level capacity--in effect, "coasting" through life--without it. They need blood in order to function to their full potential, and the more blood they have, the more empowered they become. They have no prejudice for human blood--all warm blood has the same power, although the closer it is to the source, the better.

Blood gives a True Vampires a "rush," like a stimulant, and catalyzes transformative changes on an etheric and astral level. They are also able to get this effect, to a lesser degree, from other high sources of pranic energy such as certain types of fresh vegetables (anything leafy and growing or that can be made to sprout), seeds, nuts and beans, and sexual fluids, especially semen. Some True Vampires become vegetarians in order to maximize the pranic energy content of their diet. But no matter how many "substitutes" they have, True Vampires never stop craving blood, and no matter how much blood they get, it's never enough. Self-aware True Vampires are very alert to the addictive nature of their craving, and instinctively treat it with great caution.

True Vampires tend to be very fond of sex, which provides them with an opportunity to obtain large amounts of pranic energy through physical contact. Although they often become highly skilled sexually, they may not always be satisfying lovers. Sometimes their partners experience unusual and inexplicable fatigue, or become physically cold to the point of shivering. They may have difficulty attaining orgasm, in part because the True Vampire is siphoning off their energy before it can peak. A conscious and self-aware True Vampire usually can correct for these problems easily, however. They often can feel their partner's orgasms directly as a rush of energy through their bodies, and may actually enjoy their partner's orgasm more than their own.

Unfortunately, long-term sexual relationships between humans and True Vampires are often fraught with problems. True Vampires, not being human, often don't have the same needs, emotional responses, desires and expectations as their human partners. Eventually, this soul-level incompatibility will lead to stress, whose source can be difficult to diagnose. Even if the True Vampire knows the truth about him- or herself and attempts to explain, the partner will rarely, if ever, believe it. The True Vampire tends to be accused of being cold, uncommitted, emotionally distant and so on. Those rare True Vampires who are completely unconscious of their inner natures tend to get involved in abusive or stormy relationships that break up messily and painfully.

Despite their challenges around integrating socially with humans, True Vampires do not tend to regard their condition as a liability. (They seem to be the only vampiric people who don't.) They usually are conscious of the fact that they tend to function, across the board, at a higher level than most people around them. They tend to be physically strong, have acute senses, are highly insightful and perceptive, enjoy robust health, test out at the high end of intelligence and aptitude scales, have multiple talents and skill sets, and strike other people as being generally capable and accomplished, to an enviable degree. The biggest problem they usually face is loneliness. Their social isolation is exacerbated by the fact that True Vampires tend to be born biochemically nocturnal, with inverted circadian rhythms and good night vision, and prefer to keep to nocturnal schedules and off-shift work habits.

There are many other types of non-human souls incarnating in human bodies. Some of these individuals have formed a network under the name of Otherkin. True Vampires are a variety of vampiric Otherkin. There is no genetic or familial element to True Vampires--they are born to human parents based on karmic criteria. Often, True Vampires are unable to have children of their own.

Because they are non-human, True Vampires tend to be "free thinkers" and independent spirits from a very early age, never "going along with the crowd" but rather following their own interests and impulses. This can make them either loners or leaders, and they often fit the profile for "self-actualized" individuals. True Vampires also tend to be less concerned with gender identity and roles than humans, and are sexually flexible, to say the least. All of these traits are also reported by many types of Otherkin--non-human souls tend to be free of the herd instinct.

True Vampires are the rarest form of vampiric person. Most humans, including human Vampire-Identified People, will never meet one.

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