By Light Unseen

Hybrid Vampires

Vampire-Identified People who believe they need both blood and some kind of "energy" are currently called "Hybrid Vampires." They are somewhat controversial in the Vampire Community for the same reasons that bisexuals tend to be looked down on in the LGBTQ community. Hybrids, like bisexuals, are regarded as fence-sitters, either in denial or unwilling to commit to one identity or the other. They're psi-vamps who won't give up blood or blood vamps who pretend to psi-feed. They're just being trendy. They're trying to have it all.

They are also the largest single category of Vampire-Identified People, based on community surveys and informal polls going back to the 1990s and including the extremely comprehensive questionaires (the Vampire and Energy Worker Research Survey [VEWRS] and Advanced Vampire and Energy Worker Research Survey [AVEWRS]) distributed by Suscitatio Enterprises LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. The majority of Vampire Community members who claimed to be any kind of vampire at all reported "feeding" on both blood and "energy." Some of them asserted that they obtained energy from blood itself, others believed that they got different benefits from each but needed both. If the population of Vampire-Identified People was placed on a bell curve, with Sanguinarians at one end and self-defined "energy vampires" at the other, Hybrid Vampires would occupy most of the middle.

In 1998, Amy Krieytaz proposed naming Hybrid Vampires "Arthenian vampires" because some people attributed their insight about being Hybrid Vampires to my writings. I protested this strenuously for a number of reasons and managed to squelch the proposal before it went too far. However, the term "Arthenian vampire" still pops up on websites or forum posts occasionally.